Substance-Structure Dialecticalism

Time for a Change

The Ship of Theseus. FTFY*

Experience and Reality

Continuity & Philosophy


A Layered Approach to Reality. Part II.2

A Layered Approach to Reality. Part II.1

A Layered Approach to Reality. Part I.

Buddhism and Naturalism

There is No Cause & Effect.

Freewill is Back on the Menu. (11 March 2016). Libet's experiments were always controversial and have been debunked by his colleagues.

The Mind-Body Problem and Why It Won't Go Away (14 May 2021). Why dualism remains plausible and intuitive despite being wrong. 


Searle on Consciousness & Implications for Buddhism

Political Philosophy

My Political Compass (24 April 2019)

On Liberty and Liberalism (03 May 2019)


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